Westquay doors

Replacement front of house door sets

Challenges & Project Particulars:

  • Finding a product which was durable, certifiable, value for money and in keeping with the existing aesthetics.
  • Liaising with the client to establish heavily trafficked routes and select specific door sets to have automatic opening mechanisms in order to reduce the overall cost of the project.
  • Working with the incumbent data network provider to ensure that cables were run back to the correct data cabs and within the door frames to allow future proofing of bio metrics on the door sets.
  • Working with the incumbent door mechanism supplier to ensure that all services were installed as required.
  • Designing and installing signage to specific door sets in keeping with the clients branding to identify routes to back of house areas where dry risers were cited.
  • Ensuring that works were completed outside of normal working hours with limited disruption to the fire integrity of the Shopping Centre.

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